Phoebus (2017)

The Livermore Light Bulb is the oldest electric light bulb in the world, and has been alight since 1901. Video about planned obsolescence.
Music by Mally Harpaz.

Terra di Dio (2017)

The inner anguish ends up overflowing like the lava of an erupting volcano.
Music by Mally Harpaz.

In Free Fall (2019)

Inspired by Hito Steyerl’s text "In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective".

Fold (2017)

In the corner of your mouth you’ll taste
sweet sweet victory.
Music video for Ciara Clifford.

Don Quijote (2016)

Postdigital Road movie. Visual poem of Castilian landscapes. Distorted mind of a contemporary Don Quixote.
Music by Mally Harpaz.

Efficient Story (2016)

The gaze controls everything. In the art world, as in other fields, that perspective, that point of view, it is primarily masculine.
Music by Mally Harpaz.

Zoom out (2014)

Based on Caspar David Friedrich’s painting “The wanderer above the sea of fog”.
Music by Mally Harpaz. Feat. Eran Karniel.

Zoom in (2015)

Collages of animated paintings.
Music by Mally Harpaz. Feat. Anna Calvi.

Iconosfera (2015)

«The iconosphere is so dense and so plentiful that it often makes images invisible and you have to shout very loud to be heard». – Román Gubern –
Music by Mally Harpaz. Feat. Eran Karniel & Anna Calvi.

Fragment edMemory (2013)

In the different mediums of expression we are assisting to the fragmentation of the narrative discourse.
Music by Ciara Clifford.

Starry Starry Night (2014)

Abstract painting in movement based on Vincent Van Gogh’s painting "Starry night".
Music by Mally Harpaz.

RAM_city (Mil pantallas) (2014)

«In RAM_city everything is disagreement, there is nothing to be concluded as real. The formation of the imaginary is a continuos and open negotiation».
– José Luis Brea –
Music by DubRoot & Ciara Clifford.

Circadian Rhythms (2013)

Play of audiovisual rhythms that describes the passing of time over a 24hr time lapse.
Sound by claRa apaRicio yoldi.

Involuntary Memories - Essence of the Present (2014)

Based on Marcel Proust's famous madeleine' passage.
Music by Scarlett Magna feat. Jessica Lauren.

Laisse tomber les filles
(Leave the girls alone) (2013)

Homage to Godard, Gallo and of course Eisenstein and his montage theory.
Music by Ciara Clifford.

TransMuted Realities (2013)

Brands and adverts ubiquity.
Abstract painting made with transmuted logos.
Sound by claRa apaRicio yoldi.

Hey George (2012)

Video made with more than 600 images of Holloway Road taken from Google Maps Street View.
Music by Ciara Clifford.

July 1890 (2013)

Visual poem homage to Van Gogh.
A healthy mind is the one capable of creative thinking, of creating new realities instead of just imitating.
Music by Ciara Clifford.

the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
(I'm a honest farmer) (2009)

Surrealist Urban Western.
Experimental video / Animation.
Music by Ciara Clifford.

Fixation (2010)

Animation / Visual poem.
Music by Eran Karniel.

Come Down (2011)

About cycles and repetitions.
Music video for Ciara Clifford.

Matar al padre (Kill the father) (2005)

Visual poem based in Franz Kafka's Letter to his father.
Music by Philip Glass.

Faceless (2009)

Visual poem based in a contemporary haiku:
«Faceless, just numbered. Lone pixel in the bitmap - I, anonymous». – Chris Spruck –
Music by Kate Jessop.

Rain (2008)

We are bombarded with images, we have too much information and most of the time it is contradictory and it creates confusion. The frontiers between the private space and the public space are blurred.
Music by Miguel Muñoz and Pablo Ramos.