Galleries / Video Art Distribution

Galleries responsible for formulating and instituting the collection and distribution standards for moving imagery within the art market worldwide.

VideoArtWorld - Buy Original Certified Editions.
Saatchi Art - The world's leading online Art Gallery.
Videos de Autor - Diffusion of unpublished talent.

Video Art Streaming

Subscription-based digital platforms, streaming video art as easily as a song or a movie.

Videothèque - Turn any screen into a work of art.
Sedition - Collect Art For The Digital Age.
NumberF - Stream digital video artworks.

Buy Original Limited Editions

Each limited edition includes:
- Archival copy (pen drive) + Exhibition copy (DVD).
- Certificate of authenticity numbered and signed.
- Contract establishing : Ownership of the copy, Exhibition Right and Resale Right.

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Personalised videos / Branded content

Do you have an idea for your perfect artist video and want to make it real? Personalised videos and flexible formats and sizes.
Do you need an artist video for your brand?
Send me the brief!

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Production / Crowfunding

I have a few ideas for projects that need your help to make them real. Have a look at the concepts, timelines and budget and see if you are interested in becoming a producer on any of them.

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Visuals / Projections / Installations

Do you have a space that you want to fill with visuals?
Are you playing your music in a venue and you need live visuals?
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