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Zoom out


Video based on Caspar David Friedrich’s painting “The wanderer above the sea of fog”, one of the icons of the XIX century Romanticism Painting, where a man stands upon a rocky precipice with his back to the viewer.
The screen is a frame. It establishes the limits of what is inside and what is outside, what is shown and what is hidden. In this video, the original painting has augmented its limits and expanded its frame in height, width and depth. Around the original painting, the landscape has been reconstructed digitally to cover the surface. The cracks of the original painting have been restored and the colour balance altered.
“Zoom out” expresses spirituality through the contemplation of nature and diminishes the strength of man in the larger scale of life. Compared to contemporary iconography, based on fragmented images and contradictory messages, “Zoom out" looks to nature at its finest, and makes ordinary life small and insignificant compared to the grandeur of that nature.


ARTROOMS Rome - Group exhibition at the Church Palace Hotel. Rome, Italy. (March 2019)
ARTROOMS - Group exhibition at Meliá White House. London, United Kingdom. (January 2018)
ARTROOMS - Group exhibition at Meliá White House. London, United Kingdom. (January 2017)
Web Art Center - Rewinding screens. Organised by Fonlad - Online Festival for Digital Arts. (November - December 2016)
Filmes Curtíssimos - Festival Internacional de Filmes Curtíssimos. Mumia special selection. Brasília. Brazil. (October 2016)
Facade - Video Festival. Plovdiv, Bulgaria. (September 2016)
Fonlad - Group exhibition organised by The Videolab Project. The Water Museum, Coimbra, Portugal. (June 2016)
Mumia - 13th Underground World Animation Festival. Belo Horizonte - Nova Lima, Brazil. (December 2015)
Fonlad - Digital Art Festival. Web Art Center. Virtual Gallery. (November – December 2015)
The Day Light Group - Animation competition: Around The Clock' Project, Cornwall, United Kingdom. (October 2015)
Portobello Film Festival - Portobello Pop Up Cinema. London, United Kingdom. (September 2015)
Under the Subway Video Art Night - The ANNEX Art Social Space, Brooklyn. New York, USA and Project Space Kleiner Salon, Berlin, Germany. (June 2015)
Miden - Special videoart program parallel to the theatrical production of the group 4Frontal. Athens, Greece. (November 2014).

Limited Edition of 5 + 2AP (4 left)
Price: £550

Title of the work: Zoom out
Work type:  Single-channel video
Genre: Video art
Technique: Video / Painting / Found footage / Digital Collage / 3D Design / Animation / After Effects
Country of production: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2014
03’ 06”
Aspect Ratio:
Mally Harpaz

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