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In Free Fall


Based on the text of Hito Steyerl “In free fall”, the video reflects on the perspective as a point of view, as a power. Steyerl proposes Turner's "Slave Ship" as an example of destabilization of linear perspective and frontal vision, where the viewer's point of view sinks into a bottomless sea. This painting shows a ship in the middle of a storm from which dead and dying slaves are thrown over-board to collect insurance against the threat of shipwreck. Screens, as a window metaphor, are not a neutral method of presenting information. They filter it, they dominate it, they reduce to the non-existence what is left out of the picture. The screen, as a delimiting space for displaying content, has evolved throughout history, from painting to modern computer interfaces. The linear perspective empowers the subject by placing it at the center of the vision, but also un-dermines the individuality of the viewer by subjecting it to the supposedly objective laws of repre-sentation. This claim of the subject enables western dominance and mastery of its concepts, as well as the redefinition of representation standards. The destruction of the linear perspective occurs with the appearance of cubism, collage and abstraction where the point of view becomes mobile. With photography in addition, this mobile point of view is mechanized. With the appearance of the cinema the screen becomes dynamic. It shows images that change over time, images of the moving past. With the assembly there is a break in real time and different temporal perspectives arise. Today, a new visual normality is established: a new subjectivity carefully incorporated to the tech-nologies of surveillance and forms of distraction based on screens. The graphic interfaces of com-puters are based on cultural interfaces, and are the way in which computers present cultural data and allow us to relate them to them. Just as the linear perspective was considered as the symbolic form of the modern era, the database could be the new symbolic form of the computer, a new way of structuring our experience of ourselves and the world.

Limited Edition of 5 + 2AP (3 left)
Price: £1,000

Title of the work: In Free Fal
Work type:  Single-channel video
Genre: Video art
Technique: Video / Digital Collage / 3D Design / Animation / After Effects
Country of production: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2019 
07’ 00”
Aspect Ratio:
claRa apaRicio yoldi   

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