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This video reflects on the importance of images in the construction of the collective imagination. Both what is shown and what is hidden. From the Christian iconography to the saturation of images of the current iconosphere and media manipulation.
Based on the paintings that covered the walls of Romanesque churches, used to indoctrinate the faithful in a time when most people could not read, this video reflects on interactivity and the apparent freedom we have today to choose between various options.
New marketing strategies are based on dynamic content that claims to give us a choice and that apparently suits our needs, tastes, ideologies. "Infinite" products, services, ideas, we are offered to choose "freely" between them. But all these possibilities are finite and have already been chosen in advance, thus defining a space and setting limits.
The images projected on the walls of this "interactive church" have been preselected and stored in a database. I created a program with Processing that distributes them randomly along the screen, creating the illusion of over-abundance.
Hands, as a symbol of the capacity for action and participation, no longer serve to create, build or fight; only to select between the many options that are offered to them. They all float on the surface of the walls but don’t exit the building to find out what's outside.

Awards and nominations

Best Film nomination at the 4th International Motion Festival
The Single-Channel Show section. Professional category. Nicosia, Cyprus. (2017)
Most Promising Video Artist Award MADATAC 07
Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival. Madrid, Spain. (2016)


Intersección - Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival. Coruña, Spain. (October 2021)
Le Dame Art Gallery - Artrooms Awards selection. Group exhibition at the Melia Hotel. London, United Kingdom. (November 2019)
Emozioni in Mostra - Group exhibition curated by Giacomo Carlo Tropeano. Castel dell'Ovo. Naples, Italy. (September 2019)
ARTROOMS Rome - Group exhibition at the Church Palace Hotel. Rome, Italy. (March 2019)
MACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome. Wolf Vostell and contemporary friends - Video Art Meeting, curated by Gianfranco Valleriani. Rome, Italy. (November 2018)
VAO - Visual Art Open competition. Chester Arts Fair. Chester, United Kingdom. (November 2018)
Bideodromo - International Experimental Film and Video Festival. Bilbao, Spain. (September 2018)
WOW.14 / Ukraine - The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival. National University Kharkiv, Municipal Gallery Khakiv and University of Arts Kiev, Say by Body Art Festival Kiev, Ukraine. (April 2018)
ARTROOMS Rome - Group exhibition at the Church Palace Hotel. Rome, Italy. (March 2018)
ARTROOMS London - Group exhibition at Meliá White House. London, United Kingdom. (January 2018)
FILE - Electronic Language International Festival. Group exhibition FILE ANIMA+ Fiesp Cultural Center - Ruth Cardoso. São Paulo, Brazil. (July – September 2017)
Comuarte - Exhibition “Mujeres en el arte, resonancias en acción”. Centro Cultural de la Secretaria de Hacienda. México DF, México. (June 2017)
IMF - 4th International Motion Festival. Nicosia, Cyprus. (May 2017)
ARTROOMS - Group exhibition at Meliá White House. London, United Kingdom. (January 2017)
VideoBabel - Festival video art - experimental audiovisual - animation. Cusco, Peru. (December 2016)
Mumia - 14th Underground World Animation Festival. Belo Horizonte – Nova Lima, Brazil. (December 2016)
Bideodromo - International Experimental Film and Video Festival. Bilbao, Spain. (September 2016)
PLAY - Semana de Videoarte. Centro Cultural Universitario. Corrientes, Argentina. (September 2016)
Portobello Film Festival - London, United Kingdom. (September 2016)
Static - Group exhibition at Green Lens Studio. London, United Kingdom. (June 2016)
Bang - IX Festival de Video Arte de Barcelona, Spain. Galería Contrast, Galeria H2o and La Casa Elizalde (May 2016)
3rd Syn Festival - Project - M. Teviot Row House, Edinburgh University, Scotland. (March 2016)
Madatac - 07 Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival. Centro Centro Cibeles, Madrid, Spain. (January 2016)

Limited Edition of 5 + 2AP (3 left)
Price: £900

Title of the work: Iconosfera
Work type:  Single-channel video
Genre: Video art
Technique: Video / Painting / Found footage / Digital Collage / 3D Design / Code / Animation / After Effects
Country of production: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2015
04’ 45”
Aspect Ratio:
Mally Harpaz

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