Fragment edMemory, the winner of the festival, was a charming animated film directed and animated by Clara Aparicio Yoldi. Stacks of brightly colored, crazily drawn books, haphazardly piled high, completely fill the screen and gradually disintegrate into sparkling pixels that fly into a black sky like a swarm of bees shimmying to a haunting melody, until all of the books have become one big mass of colored dots—a new era where all of our stories no longer live on shelves but on Kindles. Mutated pages re-unite in a digital domain. Although charming, this film projects a melancholy message. - Roberta Friedman - Millennium Film Journal (New York) -

Included in the Top 100 Artists Longlist for the Art Prize is Clara Aparicio Yoldi, a video artist who uses found footage and plays with editing to extrapolate new meaning. Her work Laisse Tomber Les Filles (Leave the Girls Alone) cuts and loops short segments of footage from both dance scenes of Vivre sa vie and Buffalo ’66. The result is a play of seduction and frivolous dance where individual dramas are hidden behind loops and repetitions. - Aesthetica Magazine (Leeds) -

London based multidisciplinary artist claRa apaRicio yoldi explores the liminal area between the expressive potentials of traditional media and the emerging languages that comes from a careful use of digital technologies. Her gaze on contemporariness doesn't simply deliver a mere report on new aspects of reality but also offers a personal view on what's behind our the experiences mediated by our perceptual process. - LandEscape Magazine (London) -

The backdrop consisted of videos by visual artist Clara Aparicio Yoldi, whose videos several of those compositions scored [Mally Harpaz]. I described Clara’s work to somebody as a Lumiere installation (Iconosfera) gone David Lynch rogue (Phoebus). Wholly different and equally moving. Mally’s music suits them well. - Em Burfitt - Inspirer Magazine (UK)-

ClaRa apaRicio Yoldi presenta su vídeo Laisse Tomber Les Filles, en el que habla de nuevas formas de comunicación entre la gente en una era de tecnologías de vanguardia. Ella cuestiona narraciones tradicionales con la yuxtaposición de imágenes; y experimenta con diferentes medios: mezcla de vídeo y animación con pintura, collages digitales y programación. Sus vídeos reflejan la importancia de las imágenes en la construcción del imaginario colectivo, el poder de los medios de comunicación y las telecomunicaciones, las estrategias de marketing y las marcas, y cómo se producen los cambios en la cultura contemporánea con la distribución electrónica, la fragmentación del discurso narrativo, la sobrecarga de información, el control de vigilancia y la pérdida de privacidad. - XTRart Magazine (Spain) -