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In Free Fall

Inspired by Hito Steyerl’s text "In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective", I want to experiment with the idea of perspective and how this has changed through history. Perspective as a point of view, as power. Also reflecting on new marketing strategies and brands and adverts ubiquity. We are continuously giving free information about ourselves and selling our privacy.
I don’t want to do a narrative video, nor fiction or documentary, I want to create a visual poem, with images and a voice over. These images will be based on Turner’s "The Slave Ship", that Steyerl names as an example of losing the (linear) perspective. The point of view will evolve through: linear perspective, cinema editing, drones view, current interfaces, etc. analysing how users interact. Following McLuhan’s theory of "The medium is the message", the aesthetic of this video will change through different styles, from painting to the current web and graphic design visuals and layouts, which are evolving to the use of templates and standardization. I will use collages, loops, repetitions, animated gifs and code as a reflection of our time. All the above, following the colour palette and elements from Turner's painting, as if I was following corporate brand guidelines.

The production of the video will be finished in September of 2018 with the stated budget, and will involve the creation of:

• 3D landscape, recreating Turner’s painting, trying to emulate a 360 video. With the clouds, the sun and the sea moving. The 3D ship and 3D hands animated, but keeping the fake texture. I will create different camera points of view: the camera panning around showing the disaster in a poetic way, as if it was an advert.

• A series of animated gifs with basic graphic elements and simple looped animation, but with a strong message. For example one animated gif could be a figure swimming and never arriving to the shore. Using the same colours and elements from Turner’s painting but simplifying graphic elements and colours.

• Collages made with Photoshop and After Effects analysing and questioning the current interfaces, using real online banners and pop-ups offering free money, sex and access to gambling, all with a simple “click here”. I also want to use real images of eye tracking graphics used in advertising.

• The creation of a program in Processing that will use the concept of “random” and will work as an alternative to linear editing. Different images will be put into a data base and will be distributed randomly around the screen.

Budget needed: £5,000

Title of the work: In Free Fall
Work type:  Single-channel video
Genre: Video art
Technique: Video / Digital Collage / 3D Design / Animation / After Effects

All co-producers will be included in the credits of the video. For funding equal or superior to £500 you'll own one of the 10 limited editions.

If you are interested in funding, coproducing, or you want to know more about this project, please contact me.

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