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The Livermore Light Bulb is the oldest electric light bulb in the world, and has been alight since 1901. The Phoebus cartel was created in 1924 to control the manufacture and sale of bulbs. It served for the standardization of the procedure of sale and duration for which the lamps last.
Nowadays, manufacturers who carry out programmed obsolescence practices, use raw materials from the Third World at very low prices and then return these materials in the form of hazardous waste. This endangers the sustainability of an already depleted planet.
Every year, solar energy contributes to Earth the energy equivalent to several thousand times the amount needed by humanity. This and other renewable energies should be utilised in order to achieve an ecologically sustainable environment.


IMF - 5th International Motion Festival. Nicosia, Cyprus. (May 2019)
Madatac 10 - Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival. La Cineteca, Matadero Madrid, Spain. (February 2019)
ARTROOMS - Group exhibition at Meliá White House. London, United Kingdom. (January 2018)

Limited Edition of 5 + 2AP (4 left)
Price: £700

Title of the work: Phoebus
Work type:  Single-channel video
Genre: Video art
Technique: Video / Digital Collage / 3D Design / Animation / After Effects
Country of production: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2017
04’ 34”
Aspect Ratio:
Mally Harpaz

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- Archival copy (pen drive) + Exhibition copy (DVD).
- Certificate of authenticity numbered and signed.
- Contract stablishing: Ownership of the copy, Exhibition Right and Resale Right.

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